Guild Lore

The story begins in one of the coldest places in all of Azeroth. A little gnome, obsessed by dark powers, decided that the time had come for her to begin a long journey. Her name was Artemisia.

The little gnome grew quickly and her skills in the dark arts were developed. Within a short time, she learned the ability to summon a little helper from the shadows. His name was Kuptip.

As many young girls, Artemisia happened to fall in love. Her big love was a bit taller than herself; he was strong and muscular, with teeth sharp as epic weapons. The dwarven boy was a real badboy; he used to backstab old ladies, pickpocket innocent people and hide in the shadows to ambush creatures passing by. His name was Thord.

When Artemisia had gained enough skills, she moved away from her home town Ironforge, to explore the world and all its mysteries, to face the great evil that was out there and destroy it once for all. She knew she would return as a hero. Although, she was aware that she would not be able to do it alone, so she formed a guild. The guild would aid her in her battle; with the members' help she would easily be able to conquer the world.

After some time out in the wilderness, Artemisia realized that there were not just rogue boys in the world. There were mages too. One day she met a specific one, who with his bare hands could conjure everything that a girl could ever need; both food and water. His name was Terrorpwnlol. (Though Artemisia could not pronounce it, so he quickly changed his name to Gnarls.)

When Thord saw Artemisia and Gnarls together, he went mad. He could not stand the fact that the girl he had once loved preferred a little pink-haired gnome with cloth armor before himself. The rogue bought a new shiny dagger, poisoned it and started to sketch on a plan.

At this time, both Gnarls and Thord was members of the guild that Artemisia had once created. By coincidence, Artemisia found out about Thords evil plan. Quick as a felpony she kicked him out of the guild and told him never to return. Gnarls and Artemisia still felt the threat hanging over them, so they started to use disguises.

After spending months as ninjas, snowmen, leper gnomes and Santa's little helpers, they started to feel safe again. Artemisia once again resumed her plans to conquer the world, and with Gnarls at her side she reached great success. The guild grew and all kind of power-hungry people joined. There were fun people, weird people, intelligent people and siblings. Together they made the guild the flibbliest one the world had ever seen.

Yet today they stand united. With Artemisia, Gnarls and Kuptip as their leaders, the guild now serves as an oasis in the chaos of the world for its members. The guild stands proud and pink, with lots experiences behind them, but many adventures yet to come.

Its name is Gentileschis Prodigy.