The role of the master is to work for the guild in a complately unselfish way. Show the way and listen to the people in the guild.

They spread the good word of the guild, they are the Masters closest advicers and represent the true spirit of the guild. This is the hardest role to define, a Prophet is someone that gives more to the guild than a regular member. What it is that the Prophet gives to the guild can variate greatly. Maybe the Prophet maintains a guild bank, maybe s/he works with the guild page, maybe s/he hosts a ventrilo server. A Prophet is mainly an extremly loyal member that has through time showed that s/he is trustworthy.


- Everything that the other leaders do a Prophet should do too!

Important qualities:

- Have good social skills
- Love the guild and be extremely devoted
- Be loyal and generous


- Have at least Mentor rank

These leaders are those that want to do something more than just recruit new members. They are in charge of organising guild raids and runs, they are also responsible for the the blooming of guild by creating interesting events that may enhance the guild life.


- Organize raids/runs
- Organize guild events, participate in guild events and motivate others to participate
- Motivate others to use the guild tools (forums, Group Calendar) for participating in runs
- Minor recruitment

An Overseer should:

- Have good social skills
- Be a good motivator/speaker
- Love the guild
- Be loyal


- Have Mentor rank

A Mentor can be seen as a new members first teacher. The Mentor not only recruits new members, but also teaches the initiate in The Ways of The Guild. This is done by introducing new members to the forum and other tools that the guild uses. Mentors are also meant to support the new recruits while taking their first steps in the guild.


- Recruit new members
- Introduce the new member to the guild and it's ways
- Provide new members with guild info (web-page, forums etc)
- Create forum accounts for all members that lack them
- Follow recruitment guidelines and procedures

A good Mentor is someone:

- With good social skills
- That loves the guild
- That is loyal
- That has a certain degree of maturity


- Have Elder rank
- Taken part of guild event/run/raid
- Uses the forums regularly
- Has a good understanding of the game and the guild
- Speaks/writes english properly

Apply to become a Mentor in the guild forums!

If a leader is absent from the guild and the forums for 1 month (without a valid excuse) they will be demoted to Elder

These are older members of the guild that have experience and know the guild well enough to have a bigger understanding of the mecanism of the game and the guild structure.


- At least Member rank
- Takes part in guild activities
- Active in the forums

They are players that serve the guild by playing honorable and generously. They spread the good word of the guild by their actions and showing the world how a good game is played.


- Been part of the guild for a week (activly)

If a Member is absent from the guild and the forums for 1 month (without a valid excuse) we will have to assume that the player has stopped using this character and remove it from the guild

This is the alternative character rank. If u feel like starting a new character besides your current one. The main character is always the character with highest lvl.


- Atleast level 10

The alts for the leaders aquire the rank Leader Minion, which allowes them to recruit members while playing on their Minion.

When arriving at the guild, the test period will be this one. For one week these members will be observed by the rest of the guild to see if they are true prodigies. This role will also give the new members a chance to have insight in the guild and see if it suits their taste. After one week, the player is automaticaly promoted to Member, unless some issue needs to be discussed.

All members of the guild need to follow the guild rules or they will have to leave the guild instantly!

Level requirement for Initiates is 10, although we recruit mainly 60+ players!

Rank overview and explenations:

Initiate - Allows to spot new recruits, under trial
Member - Accepted by the guild
Elder - "Reward" promotion for being active in forums and events

Mentor - Recruits new people, give forum access, helps other members and takes care of day-to-day issues
Overseer - Arranges guild events, moderates the forums and other leader issues
Prophet - The few who spend alot of their time to keep the guild going by taking on some special function. For example running the homepage or maintaining a bank
Guild Master - There can be only one! :)

Minion - Necessary to keep everybody apart once they start bringing alts into the guild
Leader Minion - For the leaders alts, to allow recruitment while playing an alt char
Bank - Just to make it easier for people to see the banks